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2013  A Sussex Christmas 
2013  An Interview With Alexandra Bastedo 
2013  An Interview With Susan Hampshire
2013  An Interview With Penelope Keith
2013  An Interview With Christopher Timothy
2012  An Interview With Lorraine Chase
2012  An Interview With Virginia McKenna
2012  Mad Dogs and Englishmen with Christopher Timothy, Sue Jameson and Roger Braban, directed by Roger Redfarn, produced by Alexandra Bastedo
2010  Love is In The Air with Richard Briers, Peter Egan, Liza Goddard, Susan Jameson, Virginia McKenna, Jenny Seagrove
2010  Poetry for Pleasure with Anthony Valentine, Sue Jameson and Peter Egan. Devised by Patrick Garland and Alexandra Bastedo
2008  A Sussex Christmas with Patrick Garland 
2008  EastEnders (TV series)
      – Episode dated 29 August 2008
      – Episode dated 25 August 2008
2008  Compered 'The Magic of Mantovani' concert with Ed Stewart (the Poole Theatre)
2006  We Were The Champions (TV)
2006  Beyond Reasonable Doubt by Jeffrey Archer, with Leslie Grantham and Simon Ward
(No1 theatre tour)
2005  Batman Begins with Liam Neeson and Christian Bale
2005  Beyond Reasonable Doubt by Jeffrey Archer, with Leslie Grantham and Simon Ward
(No1 theatre tour)
2005  Crumpet: A very British Sex Symbol (TV)
2002  After They Were Famous (TV)
1999  Love Me Slender with Lorraine Chase and Bella Emberg (No.1 Theatre Tour)
1997  Absolutely Fabulous: Absolutely Not! (video)
1995  Catch Me If You Can with David Soul and Patrick Mower (No.1 Theatre Tour)
1993  Pickwick the Musical Dickens adapted by Leslie Bricusse, with Harry Secombe and Roy Castle (Chichester Festival Theatre and No.1 tour)
1992  Absolutely Fabulous (TV series) with Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders
      – Fat (1992)
1992  Venus Observed by Christopher Fry, with Donald Sinden and Dennis Quilley
(Chichester Festival Theatre)
1988  Boon (TV series) with Michael Elphick
      – Peacemaker (1988)
1988  Time and the Conways by J.B.Priestley. Produced by Alexandra Bastedo and Nikki Cole, Bromley Theatre. No1 Tour.
1987  La Veritat Oculta (Spanish Catalan Film)
1984  Draw! (TV movie) with Kirk Douglas and James Coburn
1983  Time and the Conways by J.B.Priestley with Googie Withers and Simon Williams
(Chichester Festival Theatre)
1983  Legend of the Champions (TV movie) with Stuart Damon and William Gaunt
1982  Cavell by Keith Baxter with Joan Plowright (Chichester Festival Theatre)
1982  The Agatha Christie Hour (TV series) with Ralph Bates and Jeremy Clyde
      – Magnolia Blossom (1982)
1981  A Choice of Two (Canadian TV)with Leslie Nielsen
1981  Nickleby and Me the Dickens musical adapted by Ned Sherrin and Caryl Brahms
1980  Stigma
1979  The Unexpected Guest by Agatha Christie. (Tour of Worthing, Eastbourne & Richmond UK, and Newfoundland, New Brunswick & Nova Scotia, Canada).
1979  The Aphrodite Inheritance (TV mini-series) with Peter McEnery and Brian Blessed
        - All episodes
1978  Cabo de vara
1978  Do You Remember? (TV series)
      – Aren't We All (1978)
1977  The Sacred Flame by Somerset Maughan  (No. 1 National Theatre Tour)
1977  La Gioconda está triste
1977  El mirón
1976  Find the Lady with Mickey Rooney, Peter Cook, Dick Emery and John Candy
1976  Tu dios y mi infierno with John Philip Law
1976 Witness to Yesterday (TV series)
      – Lucrezia Borgia (1976)
1976 The Man Inside (TV movie) with James Franciscus and Stefanie Powers
1975 El clan de los Nazarenos
1975 The Ghoul with Peter Cushing and John Hurt
1974 Odio mi cuerpo
1973 Men of Affairs (TV series) with Warren Mitchell and Brian Rix
      – To Russia With... (1973)
1973 The Starlost (TV series)  with Keir Dullea
      – The Alien Oro (1973)
1972 The Scobie Man (TV movie)  with Maurice Roeves
1972 Suspicion (TV series)
      – Old Man's Hat (1972)
1972 The Adventurer (TV series)
      – Action! (1972)
1971 Jason King (TV series) with Peter Wyngarde
      – Variations on a Theme (1971)
1971  Conduct Unbecoming (No.1 Theatre Tour) by Barry England
1971  Play It Again Sam (The Churchill Theatre, Bromely) with Norman Vaughan
1970 From a Bird's Eye View (TV series)
      – The Sicilian Affair (1970)
1970  A Promise of Bed
1970  Codename (TV series) with Anthony Valentine and Clifford Evans
      – The Unbidden Guest (1970)
      – Opening Gambit (1970)
      – Appointment in Prague (1970)
      – The Alpha Men (1970)
      – Have a Word with Greco (1970)
1970  Wedding Night with Tessa Wyatt      
1970  My Lover My Son with Dennis Waterman and Romy Schneider
1970  Tibetana with Pernell Roberts
1969  Harry Worth (TV series) with Harry Worth
       – I Will, I Will(1969)
1969  Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (TV series) with Annette Andre, Kenneth Cope
          and Mike Pratt
      – Whoever Heard of a Ghost Dying? (1969)
1969  Kashmiri Run with Pernell Roberts and Julian Mateos
1969  Department S (TV series)
      – The Man Who Got a New Face (1969)
1969  I Can't... I Can't
1969 Call my Bluff (BBC2)
1969  Hush-a-bye
1968-1969 The Champions(TV series) with Stuart Damon and William Gaunt
         - All episodes
1968  In Praise of Eros (the Royal Festival Hall)
1967 Casino Royale (original) with Orson Welles, Peter Sellers and David Niven
1966  The Wednesday Play (TV series)
       – The Head Waiter (1966) compiled by John Mortimer with Donald Pleasance
1966  The Scales of Justice (TV series)
       – The Haunted Man (1966)
1966  The Man Who Never Was (TV series)
       – One Plus One Equals One (1966)
1966  That Riviera Touch with Morecambe & Wise
1966  Doctor in Clover with Leslie Phillips and John Fraser
1966  Der Mann der keiner war (Berlin TV)
1966  Clutterbuck (Derby Playhouse) by Ben Levy
1966  In Praise of Eros (Hampstead Theatre) by John Mortimer
1966  The Liquidator

1965 - 1967 The Saint (TV Series) with Roger Moore
          - The Counterfeit Countess (1967)
          - The Crime of the Century (1965)
1965  R3 (TV series)with Oliver Reed
        – Personal Appearance(1965)
1965  The Flying Swan with Margaret Lockwood, BBC1
1964  Compact (TV serial for BBC1)
1964  The Count of Monte Cristo with Alan Badel, BBC1
1964  Jukebox Jury with George Harrison
1963  Dad You Are A Square (ITV)
1962  The Candy Web directed by William Castle

Alexandra Bastedo in Casino Royale



with Michael Caine and Roger Moore

 Randall&Hopkirk (Deceased)

Archive - Casino Royal 0001A

 Aphrodite B&W

Casino Royale 3

Alexandra Bastedo in Draw

Rank cover

Roger Moore (Large)

Casino Royale david niven

Alexandra Bastedo Aphrodite Inheritance 2

 Alex - Kirk Douglas

mantovani image

Alexandra with William Castle